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Lingua Institute has succeeded in offering value to individuals and institutions across West and Central Africa.

 In all our English engagements, we have left lasting impressions on our clients that will be considered pleasurable at best and leaves them longing to come again.




Partner Universities
BlueCrest University College

Wisconsin International University College

Webster University


Learning in a multicultural conducive environment

Corporate Training


Lingua Institute has successfully delivered high-quality General, Business and Professional English training to key staff, managers, and corporate leaders for several years in Ghana and Cote d’ivoire.

We offer comprehensive training solutions for all kinds of businesses. Specifically, we tailor our programs to meet the day-to-day challenges faced by people and organizations, across the region.



After assessing each course participant’s level in English and the language abilities required through a placement test, we create a tailored study agenda.

All corporate training at Lingua Institute is based on the real world and teachers often use authentic texts from the student’s own work industry . Vocabulary is developed that is specific to the client’s area of operations, and is always based on real-life situations.

Lingua Institute provides courses in Communication Skills, Business English and a number of industry- and role-specific courses.

Lingua Institute has a reputation for:

● Providing high quality tailored programs that maximize a return on investment;

● Designing and successfully delivering programs that actually benefit the learner;

● Continuing to innovate and offer clients the best possible language and communication   

   services available





Our courses focus on the following communication skills:

  • Negotiation
  • Presentation Skills
  • People and Performance Appraisal
  • Professional  Writing
  • Meetings, Telephone Skills
  • Sales, Socializing & Networking
  • Delegating & Conflict Resolution
  • Working with Numbers
  • Intercultural Awareness 
  • Business Travel
  • Writing emails
  • Learning vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Grammar