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Lingua Institute has succeeded in offering value to individuals and institutions across West and Central Africa.

 In all our English engagements, we have left lasting impressions on our clients that will be considered pleasurable at best and leaves them longing to come again.




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Learning in a multicultural conducive environment

Home & office Tuition English/French Courses

Home Tuition English/French Courses: Profile

Our Home Tuition English and French courses are one-to-one individual courses taken at one’s own home. Trainers are professional, and are qualified native-speaker tutors, meeting the same high standards as done at our training centers. More so, each course is treated differently, and designed with the clients language need in mind.

Our teachers are experienced in professional one-to-one teaching techniques, including giving effective personalized feedback on one’s speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Essential characteristics include:

  • High quality individual 1-to-1 English/French lessonstaken in one’s home or office
  • Trainers are native-speakers of the language
  • Teaching methods designed for fast results
  • Freedom to schedules one’s class sessions forevenings and weekends
  • Flexible timetabletaken from 1 - 5 lessons per week
  • Lesson durationusually 90- 120 minutes per lesson
  • Center Manager engaged to manage learners’ course

Home Tuition Language Courses: Center Manager

Courses are managed by the Center Manager who works closely with language trainer.

Center Manager contacts learner regularly during the course in order to elicit feedback on language proficiency and any matter of concern.

Before starting a course, learner will have a full pre-course assessment with Center Manager to make sure that lessons focus on exactly what to achieve. This assessment is conducted for free.


  • Assessment interview with Center manager
  • Skills evaluation including course program advice
  • Custom-made course program for learners personal goals
  • Regular check-up tutorials with Center manager

One-to-one course

Flexible 1-to-1 course programs at your own home or office

Course days

Choose your course days Monday – Saturday

Course length

Choose course plans with  20 / 40 / 80 hours

Lessons per week

1 to 5 lessons per week. Each lesson is usually 90-120 minutes

Course timetable

Between 07:00am - 20:00pm

Course fee

20 hours:      $ 25 per hour

40 hours:      $ 22 per hour

80 hours:      $ 20 per hour

  • Fees can be paid in cedis, FCFA or USD
  • Additional charges may apply for Home Tuition courses dependent on location.














Home or Office Tuition English/French Programs

Lingua Institute helps learners to choose the course program for their Home Tuition course which best suits them, including General English/French, Professional English/French and Examination Preparation courses.

General English/French

Speak conversational English/French confidently and fluently, with better pronunciation, more accurate grammar and more expressive active vocabulary. Benefit from our exclusive course materials only available with One to One English/French courses, with practical real-life language to help you understand spoken English/French much better and express yourself on a wide range of everyday topics in typical situations.

Professional English/French

How do you use English/French in your work? Do you want to perform more confidently in natural communicative English/French? Our Center Manager will design your course program on the basis of clear, achievable goals. Goals may be task-based such as meetings, presentations and networking, or skills-based such as minimizing errors in pronunciation and grammar to build fluency and confidence.

Examination Preparation

We help you work towards examination success in Cambridge examinations, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC etc. Focus on exactly the examination skills you need. Writing, listening, reading and speaking skills can quickly improve with the benefit of individual one-to-one lessons and with professional advice, correction and feedback.

English/French for Special Purposes

Do you have a specific project that you need help with, for example, an important meeting, a presentation, a job application or an interview? Do you need help with academic writing for your college course? One-to-one lessons help you achieve very precise goals in a short time.