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Lingua Institute has succeeded in offering value to individuals and institutions across West and Central Africa.

 In all our English engagements, we have left lasting impressions on our clients that will be considered pleasurable at best and leaves them longing to come again.




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Learning in a multicultural conducive environment

General English Course 

This course is designed for motivated individuals who need to improve their English Language Skills either for general use, work or study, and they would like to acquire these skills within the shortest possible time. 

Whatever your reason for learning English, we promise to give you practical language skills to help you to achieve your aspirations. 

The General English Training Course is made up of three Levels namely: Beginner, Intermediate, and Proficiency, that is Level 1, 2 and 3 respectively. 

Students take a test to find which Level is suitable for them to begin with. Our courses place emphasis on conversational practice where learners are taken through a course book lesson to enable them acquire the skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. 

Our courses are also communication-based, this helps learners to build the confidence they need in order to express themselves in English from day one. Lessons are organized according to our unique combination of Personal Study, Tutorials and Conversation Classes. This, together with the support and guidance of bilingual tutors engaging learners in social activities, combine to make learning English at Lingua Institute easy, effective and fun. 

Lessons take place both off-site and in-center, scheduled for Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings. So learners have the option to choose the time for their lessons.


Features of our Beginner to Proficiency Programs: 

Lesson length                  2 hours, 4 days per week. 

Length                              10 – 12 weeks 

Hours                                120 hours  

Starts                                Beginning of every Month

Intensity                           Minimum 3 lessons per week 

Group size                       10 students maximum



Registration:       Ghc 150 or 20.000 FCFA or USD 38

Tuition fee:         Ghc 850 or 120.000 FCFA or USD 213

Materials:            Ghc 100 or 15.000 FCFA or USD 25


Reasons to take this course: 

  • To improve fluency skills through regular English course in group.
  • Opportunity to learn from and to teach each other.
  • Opportunity to be heard, share experiences and skills, and to participate in unique ways (may provide a new perspective).
  • Greater transfer of previous knowledge and learning.
  • Opportunity to enhance social skills and interactions.


Intensive / One-on-one 

Learners also have the opportunity to do an intensive version of any of the levels mentioned. In that case, the course can be completed within one or two months. It comes 5 days in a week of 4-5 hours per day. Importantly, this module is available to individuals engaging in any of the levels in the General English Module. 

Moreover, the course maximizes your progress through private lessons and because they are designed by your teachers to match your specific needs, they are 100% focused on your requirements. General features include the following:


Available                                All year 

Lesson length                       Arrangeable 

Length                                   Minimum 1 week, maximum 2 months. 

Level                                      Beginner to Proficiency 

Starts                                     Anytime 

Intensity                                Minimum 2 lessons per week



Registration:      Ghc 150 or  20.000 FCFA or USD 38

Tuition fee:         Ghc 1,300 per month  or 180.000 FCFA or USD 325

Materials:            Ghc 100 or 15.000 FCFA or USD 25


Reasons to take this course 

  • To improve level significantly in a short time
  • The benefit of uninterrupted teacher attention
  • Opportunity to target your learning around specific areas