Teacher Training Courses


TEFL- Teaching English As A Foreign Language

TESOL -Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages

All over the world, TEFL courses are opening up amazing career opportunities for aspiring teachers in countries that are experiencing a high demand for people with excellent English language teaching skills. The growing trend of globalization in the world today has come with it increased pressure on individuals to acquire excellent writing and reading skills in English. Now, mastery of language has become decisive when employers are selecting people for jobs. That is why many people are desperately trying to improve their English language skills.

According to the British Council, approximately 300 million people are trying to study English at the present time. These students may need to learn English as a second language in their own country, or they may be immigrants who need to learn English in order to adapt to their new life in an English speaking country. Naturally, with the rise in demand for English language skills, there is a corresponding demand for internationally accredited English teachers. Online TEFL courses teach English through distance education and equip you to become a teacher of English language in a foreign country.

Anyone can join online TEFL courses regardless of age or work experience. Fluency in English and a reasonable level of education are the only requirements. Our Online TEFL courses come in 100-hour and 250-hour variants providing direct access to modern teaching methods that prepare the future teacher to deal with all sorts of educational situations. The price patterns for online TEFL programs vary depending on the number of hours and on the trainee's choice of engaging the services of a personal tutor. However, most programs are priced very competitively, and some of our courses even have bonus offers.