Study English In Ghana


Lingua Institute facilitates your dream of studying English in Ghana. Our hardworking team has put together facilities that make studying English in an English-speaking country easy and exciting. Concerns about accommodation, transport and language school placement are dealt with.

Advantages of studying in Ghana

  • You have the opportunity of  immersing yourself in the English speaking culture of Ghanaians as you communicate with native speakers at home and in social gatherings, watch and listen to radio and tv in English and engage in fun activities to  enhance your speaking and listening skills.

  • You also have access to facilities such as libraries and modern labs as well as lecturers who will facilitate your
    acquisition of practical skills and deeper knowledge in English. As you listen to your professors in your class, converse with your friends before and after school, read books and do your homework, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with native English speakers to enhance your English-Speaking skills.

  • Studying English in Ghana does not only equip you with grammar or vocabulary but the confidence you need to express yourself more fluently in English.