Intensive / One-on-one

Learners also have the opportunity to do an intensive version of any of the levels mentioned. In that case, the course lasts only one month and comes 5 days in a week of 4-5 hours per day. Importantly, this module is available to individuals engaging in any of the levels in the General English Module.

Moreover, the course maximizes your progress through private lessons and because they are designed by your teachers to match your specific needs, they are 100% focused on your requirements. General features include the following:

Available                                All year

Lesson length                       Arrangeable

Length                                   Minimum 1 week, maximum 1 month

Level                                      Beginner to Proficiency

Starts                                     Anytime

Intensity                                Minimum 3 lessons per week

Reasons to take this course

  • To improve your level significantly in a short time

  • The benefit of uninterrupted teacher attention

  • Opportunity to target your learning around specific areas

Individual English Tuition

For those who may consider a group course unsuitable for their situation or have limited time available, or want the trainer to be able to focus wholly on their needs. They may request this option. Clients have the benefit of studying at their own convenience and in the comfort of their home, office or any venue of their choice.

  • Importantly, our courses can be made flexible enough to meet any need. You just need to talk it over with the trainer.