Business English And Specialised English Programmes

Business English course is aimed at practicing business people who have an intermediate level of English and who wish to improve their command of the language particularly for use in the commercial world. This course is designed for the business man or woman who has already studied English but needs further practice to communicate more effectively in the business world.

Business English will give you the confidence and practice you need to conduct business with colleagues, client, business contacts and acquaintances who do not speak your language. When you have completed the course, you should be able to: present a case or argument clearly; persuade other people to your point of view; understand and answer accurately all the questions you are asked; be polite and firm in discussion and negotiations.

Business English will also help you to: read and understand articles in trade and professional magazines; read and respond to letters and reports in English; read and understand documents and contracts of agreements in English; draft your own documents, reports, business plans and letters in English.

Topics under the course include:


  • Telephoning,

  • Team working

  • Social English

  • Presentation

  • Customer care

  • Negotiation

  • Managing change

  • Report writing

  • Advertising & Brands

  • Changing jobs

  • Competition

  • Cross-cultural business

  • Employment rights

  • Financing business

  • Foreign travel

  • Globalization

  • Industrial action

  • Leadership and management styles

  • Litigation

  • Marketing 

  • Motivation

  •  Pensions and ethical investment

  • Running your own business

  • Sales and export

  • Selling

  • Sponsorship

  • Stock markets

  • Strategy

  • Stress and the ‘work-life’ balance

  • The modern working day 

  • Telecommunications

  • Aviation

  • Cabin Crew

  • Information & Communication

  • Customer Service

  • Sales, Purchasing and Supply

  • Business Management

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Banking & Finance

  • Medicine

  • Administration