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Lingua Institute has succeeded in offering value to individuals and institutions across West and Central Africa.

 In all our English engagements, we have left lasting impressions on our clients that will be considered pleasurable at best and leaves them longing to come again.




Learning in a multicultural conducive environment

Quality French language courses to learn to COMMUNICATE

At Lingua Institute, we don’t believe that language learning is just about studying grammar points and vocabulary. We do believe, however, that the purpose of language learning is to “communicate” and that grammar and vocabulary are vital TOOLS for communication. This is the reason why we focus on VERBAL/ORAL COMMUNICATION skills in our classes.

Our French courses are available from 1 month to 1 year throughout year.


General French Language Courses

We provide weekly General French Courses in small groups. This course is designed to improve overall French skills (reading and writing) while focusing on conversation (speaking). In addition, it aims to develop the base of general French language. This is fundamental for communication in daily and professional situations.

The General French Course comprise three levels: Beginner (A1 & A2), Intermediate (B1 & B2), and Proficiency (C1 & C2).

The prospective student take a short written and oral test to find which level is suitable for him/her to begin with. Then arrangement is made with Center Manager to enroll at a convenient time. 

Our courses place emphases on conversational practice where learners are taken through a course book lesson to enable them acquire reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar skills.

Students have the opportunity to practice and improve their speaking skills in our Centers in Benin, Cote d’ivoire or our partner center in Paris- France




1st option

 Lesson length                 2 hours, 4 days per week.

Length                              10 – 12 weeks

Hours                                120 hours 

Starts                                Beginning of every other Month

Intensity                           Minimum 3 lessons per week

Group size                       5-10 students maximum


Registration & material    Ghc 150 or USD 38

Tuition fees                        Ghc 800 or USD 200


2nd  option

 Lesson length                2 hours, 3 days per week.

Length                              8-10 weeks

Hours                               80 hours 

Starts                                Beginning of every other Month

Intensity                           Minimum 2 lessons per week

Group size                       5-10 students maximum



Registration & material    Ghc 150 or USD 38

Tuition fees                        Ghc 600 or USD 150

Colonie de Vacances au GhanaColonie de Vacances au Ghana

Listes des effets et documents pour le séjour


  • Documentation
  1. Passeport ou Pièce d’identité
  2. Carnet de vaccination- fièvre jaune, fièvre Typhoïde, Méningites,  etc.
  • Literie

1 drap de lit

1 couverture

  • Hygiène

3 Rouleaux de papier toilette

1 Eponge and 2 Serviettes

1 pommade (facultative)

2 Savons de bain & 2 sachets de savon en poudre de 500g

1 paire de chaussure de bain

1 Pâte dentifrice & 1 brosse à dent

  • Habillement et accessoires

5 habits de maison

3 habits de sortie (Eglise, tourisme etc.)

1 tenue de sport sans oublier le maillot de bain

2 paires de chaussures (fermées)

Quelques habits nécessaires (Pull-over,…)


  • Des médicaments de premières nécessités
  • Kits de cours

1 dictionnaire bilingue Anglais/français

2 crayons and 2 stylos

1 cahier de cours

  • Kits de cantine

1 verre, 1 cuillère, 1 fourchette & 1 couteau

1 Assiette pour manger

  • Kits technologique

Téléphone portable (facultatif)

Ordinateur portable (facultatif)

  • De l’argent de poche (50.000 frs maximum)

NB : pas de grosse valise et éviter un grand nombre d’habits